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  • Chronic Constipation Drugs

    Chronic Constipation Drugs

    Drugs for chronic constipation are available for purchase over-the-counter or as a prescription from your doctor or a professional healthcare provider. Most over-the-counter medications are used to treat more mild cases of constipation and usually come in the form of laxatives. There are several different types of laxatives that...
  • Chronic Constipation Disease

    Chronic Constipation Disease

    Chronic constipation affects many people in the United States, which has lead to an average of 2.5 million visits to doctors per year. The definition of chronic constipation usually varies, but it can generally be known as irregular bowel movements or difficulty passing stool. There are several ways that...
  • Medication IBS Constipation

    Medication IBS Constipation

    When irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) primarily causes constipation in addition to some other typical IBS symptoms, it is classified as constipation-predominant IBS or IBS-C. Unfortunately, there isn’t one clear-cut treatment method for IBS-C, so patients often require a combination of treatments to ease their symptoms. Dietary modifications, taking up...