Best Tires to Buy in 2019

Tire is one of the most important parts of a car. It’s the most direct embodiment of driving experience. There are a variety of tires on the market, with different performances. Choose a suitable tire for your car, you need to consider comprehensively from the vehicle, tire specifications, tire type, brand and other aspects. On the whole, the performance of the tire is judged like this: the width of the tire affects the grip, so the wider the tire, the better the grip. Grip is also related to the material of the tire. In general, the softer the material, the stronger the grip. Tire width also affects the resistance. The wider the tire, the greater the resistance, the higher the fuel consumption, the slower the acceleration. As a result, it’s important to coordinate the vehicle’s power and economic performance, rather than blindly widen the tire. Below to introduce three different brands of high quality tires, for your reference.



Founded in 1900, Firestone has been more than 100 years old. In 1988, Firestone was acquired by Bridgestone, which is one of the world’s largest tire manufacturers. Firestone tires are divided into seven series, including Firehawk, All Season, Champion, Destination, Transforce, Weathergrip and Winterforce. Among them, the Firehawk is the main series of Firestone. Built on years of racing heritage and the latest update of technology, Firehawk tires provide maximum grip for handling, speed, and braking in both wet and dry conditions at a great value. Firehaw high-performance tires take the excitement of driving sports car to a whole new level.


Michelin, a tire brand of France, has a history of more than 100 years. Removable tires, inflatable tires, heavy truck tires, low pressure tires, radial tyres are invented by it. It’s  the most mainstream on the market at present, and its grade and price are in the forefront of all tire brands. The positioning of its various series is very comprehensive. In the mute, wear-resistance, control, energy saving and other indicators of choose, you can buy good tires. Michelin has five key series: Energy, Primacy, Pilot, Latitude SUV, X-ICE. Pilot is inclined to sports, featuring high performance and control, but low durability and comfort. This series is mainly suitable for cars with strong sports performance. Primacy is the representative of quiet and comfortable. Energy focuses on economy and durability, with good wear-resistance, wetland performance and environmental performance. Latitude aims at SUV and increases Michelin’s coverage in the SUV tire market. X-ice aims at  winter snow tires.


Goodyear is an American brand, founded in 1898, with a history of more than 100 years. Its tires are mainly matched with Audi, Land Rover, BMW and other high-end brands. The Goodyear tire is recognized as the most durable tire with good elasticity, long life and good grip. If you focus on economy and mileage, Goodyear is the best choice. In addition, the first lunar landing vehicle is equipped with Goodyear tires.


The above is the introduction of three brands of tires. Choose the right tire for your car according to your needs.

Posted on May 5, 2023