Best Baby Formulas

Whether you are strictly formula-feeding or supplementing formula in combination with breast milk, you always want to put the best ingredients in your baby’s tummy. With so many different options on the market, choosing a baby formula brand can be frustrating. Here are the best baby formulas.

1.Enfamil Infant Formula –Coming from one of the most trusted brands in baby food, Enfamil formulas are categorized by development, including newborns, infants, and toddlers for detail-oriented formula. Enfamil Infant Formula offers the nutrition of MFGM (only found in human breast milk) that boosts cognitive development. It also contains nutrients like DHA Omega 3 and choline that supports brain development in babies. Iron present in the formula promotes good health and overall development in babies. It is a gentle milk formula consisting of non-GMO ingredients. The formula can take care of your baby’s nutrition for 12 months. Moreover, Enfamil is known for providing products that prevents spitting up. Pediatricians often recommend it if a child is spitting up their food. The danger in spitting up mainly lies in babies not getting enough bulk in their bellies from the formula. This option provides additional bulk to keep meals down. It is slightly more expensive than other formulas. If your budget is not a problem, Enfamil is a wise option.


2.Nature’s One formulas are regularly recommended as an organic option by registered dietitians, pediatricians, pediatric-specialty clinics, nurses and nurse practitioners for children who are fragile, underweight, or dealing with medical conditions such as: Eating Disorders, Celiac Disease, Metabolic Disorder, Down Syndrome. It is a whey predominant formula for babies, suitable right from birth up to 24 months. To meet your baby’s nutritional needs, it offers a wide range of nutrients like calcium, phosphorus and vitamin-D for physical growth and development. In addition, an optimized blend of DHA, ARA, iron, iodine, folic acid, choline and taurine to support brain, vision and immune system development. And it doesn’t contain carrageenan or palm oil, which is harmful and disruptive to baby’s delicate digestive system. Nature’s One formulas is a perfect option for special needs.


3.Gerber Good Start GentlePro Baby Formula is recognized as the good choice for infants who are going through tummy issues. As the formula comes with HMO – a prebiotic, which are found in breast milk, it ensures the nutrition and gentleness closest to breast milk. Therefore, itis extra comfortable for babies less than 12 months. With prebiotic, the formula helps babies in developing a stronger immune system. It consists of DHA to support brain and eye development. Moreover, containing proteins, the formula makes it super easy for tiny tummies to digest. The well-designed packaging keeps all the freshness and nutrients intact. Gerber Good Start GentleProis is a wise option for parents who want to provide a complete supplement of nutrition to their babies in the healthiest way possible.

When it comes to deciding what baby formula is the best, there is no one clear answer. The “best” baby formula will depend on your child and, in some cases, you. No matter which formula you choose, make sure to double-check the expiration date.

Posted on May 5, 2023