Best Cell Phone Deals

There are many impressive cell phones in 2019. If you try to find your next upgrade, you need to ask a lot about next device’s camera, speed, display and so on. As 5G connectivity technology has been used increasingly, many phone companies has produced their 5G smart phones. According to survey, Samsung’ Galaxy line and iPhones are many people’s choice. Besides, there are other great phones for customers. This article would introduce you three excellent phones and advanced communication technology. If you happen to buy one new phone, hope tips as bellows can help you.

1 iPhone 11 pro max (About $1099. At

Apple names the iPhone Pro because of the powerful performances. Especially, apple adds a new color, midnight green, to the new iPhone 11. This smart phone has a transformative triple-camera system and an unprecedented leap in battery life. The triple-camera system makes you take beautiful images even in lower light and shoot high-quality videos. The phone has Super Retina XDR as its display. It also has an advanced chip custom-built A13 Bionic with machine learning technology. The ship is fast, powerful and smart. You can never find it on any other smart phones. I believe you must be curious about the price. Now, it is $1099 at

2 Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 plus (About $1039. At

Galaxy Note 10+ is designed like a computer with a movie-tech camera. Additionally, the device have an intelligent pen. Galaxy’s display is the best in the world. And Note 10+ have a Dynamic AMOLED, which is brilliant in all conditions. Compare to iPhone 11, Galaxy Note 10+ have a HyperFast 5G chip, which lets you download files and live game with impressive speed. What do you think about the S Pen? This year, Galaxy gives us surprises with S Pen, which provides remote control. You make your clicks into action kind of like magic. You wave your hand with S Pen, then there are air actions. Also, you can use S Pen write down your ideas or paint something. The smartphone has a killer triple camera.

3 OnePlus 7T (About $599. At

This year OnePlus 7T raises a few eyebrows. The price is much lower than two others. It has a fluid display with responsive 90 Hz refresh rate and advanced HDR 10+ technology. This display is smooth, vivid and immersive. Also, OnePlus 7T have a triple camera. No matter where you are, it is always ready to capture your moment. The main and the ultra-wide camera give you stunning night-time pictures with clear and real skylines. The charging is faster. The device can be charged at full speed even you are playing games. If you used to use Android phones, the OxygenOS on the phone enhances optimizations and sophisticated design. It is slick in use and even rocks Android 10. Trust me, it’s an absolute steal at this price.

Well, many manufactures innovate so many useful and impressive smartphones for us. You can read those tips and choose your next device. Good deals all around.

Posted on May 5, 2023