TOP 5 Pillows in 2019

Buying a suitable pillow is not as easy as it sounds, especially for sleepers who require comfortable and supportive cushioning for the head, neck and shoulder. Below are the 5 best pillows in 2019 that help buyers make a decision.

1.Coop Home Goods Eden Pillow
The Eden Pillow from Coop Home Goods is a shredded gel memory model which retains its shape fairly. It stands out for many reasons. The most impressing one is its adjustable loft. Buyers can increase or decrease the loft by adding or removing the shredded foam fill. And this will ensure a customized feel every night. What’s more, thanks to the gel-infused foam and a bamboo-rayon cover, the Eden Pillow feels much cooler than other similar pillows. Besides, the pillow is easy to clean because its removable polyester liner is machine washable. For whoever has a preference for fluctuating loft, the Eden Pillow is the best choice.

2.Brooklinen Mid-Plush Down Pillow
Anyone who dose not like excessively soft down pillow should take a look at the Brooklinen Mid-Plush Down Pillow. It is constructed with a down center and feathers lining the perimeter, which ensures a balanced “Medium” feel. What’s more, the pillow has double-stitched edges, so it can withstand many forms of wear and tear. This pillow is good for side and back sleepers and those who tend to sleep hot.

3.Layla Pillow
The Layla Pillow is a standout among shredded memory foam pillows for several reasons. Firstly, its shredded foam fill is infused with fibers from the kapok tree, which provide a down-like consistency. Secondly, its cover is filled with copper, which helps with circulation in sleepers. Thirdly, it produces less off-gassing odor than most competitors. Foe those who are side and back sleepers and prefer sleeping with down pillows, the Layla Pillow is a good option.

4.Saatva Pillow
The Saatva Pillow has many benefits, such as overwhelming comfort, great temperature neutrality, and above-average product lifespans. The pillow contains a shredded Talalay latex core that molds to the sleeper’s head, neck, and shoulders. Additionally, a middle layer of organic cotton and microdenier provides extra cushioning. For neck and shoulder pain sufferers, please do not miss the Saatva Pillow.

5.Hullo Pillow
The Hullo Pillow is a popular and eco-friendly buckwheat pillow that provides good pressure relief. It also offers fully customizable loft, that is, sleepers can adjust the thickness by simply adding or removing hulls. Like other buckwheat pillows, the Hullo Pillow also touches fairly cool. This pillow is easy to care for since the cover is machine washable and the hulls never need to be cleaned.

Posted on May 5, 2023