Hep C Specialist

Hep C Specialist
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When a patient has learned that he, or she, has been diagnosed with the Hepatitis C virus they must consult with a Hep C specialist. Specifically, there are two different specialists that are advisable to see: either a hepatologist – who specializes in liver diseases, or a gastroenterologist – who specializes in diseases of the stomach and the intestine.

A third option and usually only recommended for more minor cases, is a physician who specializes in infectious diseases.

Patients should go to a Hep C specialist who has had experience with the level and genotype of the Hep C virus that they have.  The type of Hep C specialist a patient sees is also dependant the severity of damage to his/her liver and the specific genotype of Hep C that he/she has.

If the severity of liver damage is high then a patient is better suited to seeing a hepatologist or gastroenterologist.

Patients should be sure to do their research on the specialist that they plan to see and determine if that doctor will have the right amount of experience for the condition they have.

The type of specialist a patient may seek out is also dependant on his/her medical coverage or medical plan. There are certain plans that will only cover a specific amount or a specific specialist, so patients should be advised to double check with their health insurance providers.

Different types of health insurance will also have an effect on the amount of money that is available to cover the medications that a patient may be prescribed to treat Hep C.

Patients should always consult their medical professional before beginning any treatment.

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Posted on May 5, 2023